4 April 2024
ZuluTracks is a new ZuluGIS service for receiving and processing information from data providers about the status and location of tracking objects. Read more
10 July 2023
Below is an example of using the Geometry object defined by the OGC standard to geoprocess a
layer and get the latitude and longitude of objects. Read more
8 March 2023
ZuluGIS SQL queries allow you not only to determine whether objects intersect in space but also to calculate the degree of intersection, for example, which part of an object (its area or length) overlaps with another. Read more
3 March 2023
These and other updates are described in the Change History section. Read more
16 February 2023
Digitalization of urban spaces, territory assignment scheme Read more
19 January 2023
The digital model of solid waste turnover allows municipal authorities to see the overall placement of container sites and their accessibility to the public and calculate the normative volume of waste accumulation. Read more
21 November 2022
In November 2022, ZuluGIS 2021 and ZuluServer 2021 were tested under the Alt Workstation 10 OS in the Wine 7.19 environment. Read more
20 October 2022
In October 2022, ZuluGIS 2021 and ZuluServer 2021 were tested under the RED OS in the Wine 7.16 environment. Read more
2 September 2022
Using a macro, we get all the edges entering and exiting the node. Read more
31 August 2022
Thermogram analysis in ZuluGIS using the example of heat network sections in dense urban developments Read more
3 February 2022
The article from the monthly scientific and technical industry magazine Gas Industry №10 822|2021 Read more
6 December 2021
ZuluGIS 2021 has been released. What’s
new in the geographic information system and calculations Read more
7 September 2021
The inventory of outdoor lighting systems in ZuluGIS through the eyes of a GIS engineer Read more
10 August 2021
Digital inventory — an electronic data management system and databases of burial sites in ZuluGIS Read more
23 June 2021
Export a longitudinal profile to DXF Read more
26 May 2021
All software products developed by Politerm LLC were added to the Unified Register of Russian Software and Databases. Read more
24 March 2021
Timeout - maximum SQL query execution time Read more
1 July 2016
To protect Zulu 7.0, 8.0 и 2021 software products, hardware and software protection based on a local or network HASP HL (Sentinel HASP) key is used. Read more
24 September 2014
HASP: Detailed description of Zulu software licenses Read more