Heat network calibration

Purpose of calibration

To calibrate a heat network means to refine a mathematical model of the network using measurement data.

Calibration requires measuring flow rates at the water offtake nodes, pressure at the control points, heads and flow rates at the sources. 
The measurements must be taken at the same time. You can use ZuluOPC to take simultaneous readings from the devices.    


Calculation features

  • Specify the hydraulic parameters of heat network pipes 
  • Break down leaks by network pipes 
  • Balance flow rates across multiple sources 
  • Assign expert points to network pipes that determine the greater or lesser degree of deterioration of each pipe in terms of buildup and leakage. 

Calibration results

The calibration allows you to choose new hydraulic losses and leakage coefficients for heat network pipes in such a way that the mathematical model deviates minimally from pressure values at the control points, divides total leakage by network pipes and ensures the flow rate balance between the sources.

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