Calibrating a water supply system


The purpose of calibration

To calibrate a water supply system means to refine a mathematical model of the network according to the measurement data.

Calibration requires such measurements as flow rate in the water outlets, pressure at the control points, head and flow rate at the sources. It is important that the measurements are taken at the same time. You can use the ZuluOPC service to take meter readings from the devices simultaneously.


Calibration features

  • This module specifies hydraulic properties of water supply system sections.
  • Leaks are divided by network sections.
  • Flow rate is balanced between several sources.
  • Network sections can be assigned expert points that determine the greater and lesser degree of deterioration for each section in terms of fouling and leakage.

Calibration results

This analysis makes it possible to find new hydraulic resistances and leakage coefficients for network sections in such a way that the mathematical model deviates minimally from pressure values at the control points, divides total leakage by network sections, and ensures a flow rate balance between the sources.

Video. Calibrating a water supply system.

These calculations require a license for simulation modeling, and should be performed only after you have completed simulation modeling!

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