Network Switching


The purpose of network switching

Find the nearest isolation and shut-off valves to disconnect and isolate a network element (pipes, consumer, etc.).

Network switching tasks can be called supervisory; when performing these tasks, users analyze a network topology model without carrying out a hydraulic analysis.

Module features

  • In order to perform network switching tasks, ALL gate valves must be displayed.
  • There are 2 categories of layers: a network topology model and an underlying layer with buildings and construction projects.
  • The model opens in a read-only mode, no changes are added to the mathematical model.

The outcomes of network switching

  • Retrieve a list of isolation and shut-off valves
  • Create a list of disconnected network objects
  • Create a list of disconnected buildings and construction projects
  • Print and export to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

ZuluHydro displays disconnected network sections and consumers on a map in color code, and helps to determine the total values: calculate water volumes that may have to be drained from pipelines of a water supply system.

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