Temperature graph calculations

Calculating the required source temperature

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The purpose of calculations

Determine the minimum required temperatures of a heat transfer fluid at the source outlet in order to provide design indoor temperature at a specified consumer for outdoor temperatures ranging from 10°С to design outdoor temperature with an interval of one degree.
As a result, users receive an adjusted source temperature graph (in relation to a heating schedule) that takes into account a selected consumer, heat losses and all types of loads.

Input data

Temperature graph calculations are based on a repeated use of simulation modeling with all the input data required by it.
A reference consumer for calculations is set by the user. It is at this consumer’s premises that the design outdoor temperature must be maintained.

It is advisable to choose a standard network consumer located within the bounds of central network load.
If you choose a consumer remote from the source, it can lead to the overheating of most consumers.
If you choose a consumer close to the source, it can cause the underheating of most consumers.

The program allows users to set the maximum temperature limit at the source and compensation for an undersupply of heat energy.

Calculation results

The outcome of these calculations is a table that contains the following values for each degree of the external air: pressure head, flow rate, supply and return pipeline temperatures at the source, temperatures at the consumer’s inlet and outlet, inlet temperatures of the heating system, indoor temperature and relative heat load at the consumer’s premises.
The values in the resulting table can be used to build a graph.

The calculations for temperature graphs require a license for simulation modeling, and should be performed only after you have completed simulation modeling!