Trial Versions


All our software products are available in trial mode. A trial version allows you to get acquainted with the main functionalities and features of the software. It is a full version of the product with minor quantitative restrictions.

The trial version of the software is available for non-commercial use only.
You may use the software for commercial purposes only upon purchasing the required licence.

Our company uses hardware protection keys for software licensing. Without access to a HASP key, all our products work in trial mode; if you have the key, all restrictions are lifted (HASP key).

The following restrictions apply when using our programs in trial mode:

Product Task Restrictions
ZuluGIS and ZuluXTools
Editing vector layers Each layer can contain no more than 150 objects. 
Raster transformation
Only rasters with less than 1000 dots in width and height can be transformed. 
’Zulu Trial Version’ labels will be displayed on the raster image.
ZuluServer Number of connections
The number of simultaneous connections is limited to two. 
Same limitations as for ZuluGIS.
ZuluServer Web Services  (WMS/WFS/ZWS) 250 queries per day. ‘Trial mode’ watermarks will be placed on the map.
ZuluThermo Heat network adjustment The total number of consumers and generalized consumers in the analyzed subnetwork should not exceed 15.
Simulation modeling of a heat network
Calculating pipeline diameters of a heat network
Analyzing heat network reliability
Calculating standard heat loss through insulation The report displays the results for January only.
Thermogram analysis The number of raster images should not exceed one. The size of a raster image should not exceed 500x500 pixels.
ZuluHydro Simulation modeling for water supply systems The total number of offtake nodes should not exceed 15.
Calculating pipeline diameters
Calibrating water supply systems The number of consumers should not exceed 5.
Hydraulic shock – finding transient responses It is possible to perform calculations only for samples provided with the program.
ZuluDrain Simulation modeling The number of junction nodes should not exceed 15.
Calculating pipeline diameters
ZuluSteam Simulation modeling of a steam network The number of consumers should not exceed 5.
Adjustment of a steam network
ZuluGaz Hydraulic modeling for gas networks The number of consumers should not exceed 10.
Calculating pipeline diameters for gas networks
ZuluOPC No more than 10 simultaneously connected OPC nodes
No more than 10 simultaneously connected OPC nodes
Network switching 
The full result of network analysis is displayed if the number of network objects does not exceed 100.
Piezometric graph
Drawing a plot along a specified path
The number of nodes in a specified path should not exceed 15.
Reserve flow capacity calculations
The number of pipes should not exceed 10.


Since the restrictions of the system’s functionality include only graphics data editing, the desktop version of ZuluGIS can be freely used on an unlimited number of workstations in view-only mode as well as for viewing and editing attributive information linked to graphics objects.

This option does not apply to the use of ZuluGIS as a client-side of ZuluServer GIS, because the number of simultaneous connections to the server is regulated by the ZuluServer license and does not depend on the nature of working with data (reading, editing, etc).


ZuluGIS Online is a web application for viewing and editing data in a web browser.

You can learn more about the functionalities of ZuluGIS Online on our server with sample data here.

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