Calculate reserve gas network capacity

Calculating reserve network capacity

ZuluGaz Online Help «Calculate reserve gas network capacity»

The calculations allow users to determine flow rates for connections at junction points or in pipes of a gas network, at which network consumers retain the required gas supply with minimum pressure. It is possible to perform calculations for a network and a group of selected pipes, which speeds up the process of analysing and working with large networks.

These calculations are used for

  • providing technical specifications for connections
  • choosing a location for new buildings and construction projects
  • searching for network pipes that limit the flow rate of gas networks

The calculated results are stored in table format in a separate vector layer and displayed in color code, with each color corresponding to a range of flow rates being connected.
The color codes and their corresponding ranges are configured by the user.

Calculation parameters:

  • Pipe ID
  • Diameter, m
  • Flow rate under normal conditions, m3/h
  • Reserve under normal conditions, m3/h
  • Pressure, kPa

  Displaying calculation results (flow rate values are shown as labels)

The program performs sequential simulation modeling, which ties in connections in each gas network pipe.

It determines the maximum allowable flow rate at the connection point, at which normal gas supply will be maintained. The interval for connecting new loads used to calculate network reserve is set by the user.

The connection points are assigned minimum pressure required at a tie-in point.

The following condition for calculating reserve network capacity applies: it is necessary to provide all consumers with the required loads under design operating conditions, otherwise the network does not have a reserve by default.

These calculations require a license for simulation modeling, and should be performed only after you have completed simulation modeling!