About us

Politerm has been at the forefront of software development for geographic information systems and computational modeling for utility networks since 1990.

The main products that we have been developing and continuously improving upon for more than twenty years are ZuluGIS, ZuluServer, calculation and analysis modules ZuluThermo, ZuluSteam, ZuluHydro, and ZuluGaz for utility networks (heat, steam, water and gas supply networks) as well as metering and billing workstation software Energosbyt for heat network clients and Vodopotreblenie for water consumers, and thermal engineering analysis software Istochnik for heating plants. Our newest products include web application ZuluGIS Online for ZuluServer, calculation and analysis module ZuluDrain for wastewater disposal systems, and software for calculating heat network reliability.

Our company provides user training, warranty and post-warranty maintenance, customer support, and software upgrades. We welcome feedback from our clients and take all incoming comments and suggestions into consideration.

Our software is widely used by:

  • Municipally owned enterprises operating utility networks
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Energy saving centers
  • Engineering companies
  • Commissioning companies
  • Administrative and territorial authorities
  • Software development companies
  • Universities

A complete list of our clients is available here.

We constantly expand and enhance our software by adding new features and functionalities. By purchasing our software suite, you gain access to a wide range of services: our helpline, personal sessions with experts, remote support using specialized software products, and training courses for your specialists (including participation in seminars and conferences).

Our address:
Office 16H, 3rd Floor
Building A, 33, Voronezhskaya Street
Saint Petersburg
192007 .

(812)767-0352, 767-0353, 766-6728

[email protected]