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ZuluOPC — OPC solutions for ZuluGIS products

ZuluOPC — is a software suite with a built-in support for the OPC standard, which allows users to collect data from measuring devices, SCADA and control systems that support data transmission based on OPC UA or OPC DA specifications.

The Open Platform Communications (OPC, previously OLE for Process Control) standard is a series of specifications for managing automation objects and technological processes created and maintained by the international non-profit organization known as the OPC Foundation

ZuluOPC interaction structure

With ZuluOPC you can enhance geographic information systems based on ZuluGIS with real-time data transmitted by various measuring instruments and devices, such as meters, sensors, and controllers. The OPC standard allows you to combine data from different types of systems and devices into a single information space with a hierarchical structure. There is no need to use device drivers and various protocols to connect to equipment directly.

Why ZuluOPC

The client-server architecture makes it possible to use ZuluOPC ZuluOPC in production management systems, set up communication with existing SCADA systems at no significant cost and provide access to real-time data for all company branches that need it.

What makes ZuluOPC particularly beneficial is its ability to gather and use real-time device data in industrial networks when analyzing and modeling utility networks with the help of ZuluGIS.

With ZuluOPC you can set up communication with an unlimited number of local and remote OPC servers as quickly and easily as possible.

ZuluOPC components

ZuluOPC Online Help


ZuluOPCService is a Windows service that allows users to receive and process real-time data from an OPC server and save it to ZuluGIS layers at specified intervals.

ZuluOPCService is installed on the computer that has access to OPC servers and ZuluGIS layers (local or server-side).

How ZuluOPCService works

The service runs in the background; it establishes and maintains connection to local or remote OPC servers and ZuluGIS layers.

The service is designed for long-term use without any involvement from the system administrator; it can restore connection automatically whenever the connection to servers or ZuluGIS layers is lost. The service reads real-time data for every OPC server node or tag, and records gathered and processed values to a specified ZuluGIS layer database. Every OPC server parameter has its own settings for reading and processing data. You can choose synchronous (with a specified time interval) or asynchronous reading and subscription to data changes. Only quality-assured data is processed and recorded to a ZuluGIS layer database. For every ZuluGIS layer, you can add an activity log – save history of data received from OPC servers (value, quality, time of receipt and entry into a database) to a specified ZuluGIS layer database. When processing data acquired from OPC servers, if necessary, the data can be converted to data types that are suitable for entering into a database, while thematic coloring and labels of corresponding ZuluGIS layer objects are updated automatically.


ZuluOPCAdmin is an application for configuring ZuluOPCService settings.

It is installed on a computer that already has ZuluOPCService. The app allows you to configure service settings, which among other things include specifying an interval for saving processed data to ZuluGIS layers, saving a service activity log, and polling a network security key.

With ZuluOPCAdmin, users can create and edit ZuluGIS layer lists whose objects will be linked to corresponding nodes/tags of the OPC servers.

You can set a list of OPC servers for every ZuluGIS layer, correlate node/tag values of a given OPC server to layer objects, customize various parameters for reading and recording data. The user interface makes it possible to work with an address space of an OPC server in a user-friendly hierarchical form.


ZuluOpcTask is a plug-in for ZuluGIS that allows you to create and edit ZuluGIS object links and information from OPC servers.

ZuluOpcTask is installed as a plug-in for ZuluGIS
Users with required permissions can configure link layers uploaded to ZuluGIS, whose nodes or tags are connected to OPC layers or layer objects.

Having selected an object on a map, the user links it to the correct node/tag of the OCP server and sets the parameters for reading, processing, and recording data.

To connect ZuluOPC to OPC DA servers, you need to make sure that the computers on which ZuluOPC and OPC DA servers are installed support and have the correct COM\DCOM settings. A binary data transfer protocol is used when connecting to OPC UA servers. OPC ensures data security by supporting user authentication and authorization. For OPC DA, it means protection on the COM\DCOM level, while X.509 certificate authentication can be used for OPC UA.

Displaying of network parameters in real-time