Diameter calculations

The purpose of diameter calculations for a gas network

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Determine pipeline diameters of dead-end and circular gas networks operating on one or several sources, which ensure design gas flow rates at a specified pressure at points of delivery.

The calculations are performed based on flow rates concentrated at points of delivery or those determined by nominal flow rates of gas devices.

Hydraulic diameter calculations based on system reliability

Additional factors can be taken into account during calculations:

  • consecutive disconnection of network pipes located in a loop
  • disconnection of one of the sources
  • flow rate reduction for predetermined consumers
  • partial calculation of diameters based on fixed diameters

When performing calculations that factor in the disconnection of network elements, the system sequentially completes several hydraulic calculations. The first calculation does not take disconnections into account, and records the initial diameters. The calculated diameters are subsequently adjusted in accordance with disconnected loop sources or pipes. When performing calculations that include disconnections, users can apply a flow rate reduction factor to a number of consumers.

The calculations based on disconnections

The results of the hydraulic calculations