Thermogram analysis

Thermogram analysis

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The purpose of thermogram analysis

The analysis of thermograms is used to determine the level of heat loss in heat network pipes by analyzing the superimposition of a network diagram onto a thermal image. A thermogram is a raster image obtained as a result of a thermal imaging survey.

Each pixel of the raster image contains a temperature value. To determine the level of heat loss, a thermogram is scanned along each pipe of a heat network, and the pipe is classified according to the level of heat loss. The results are saved to a layer database in a clear graphical form.

Thermogram analysis enables users to complete the followings tasks:

  • Determine abnormal areas with high heat loss caused by insulation defects or hidden leaks of a heat transfer fluid
  • Find the exact location of damaged pipes
  • Perform a comparative analysis of heat losses
  • Determine the real location of steam network objects, particularly pipes with missing or unreliable documentation
  • Develop measures to modernize a heating system in order to increase the energy efficiency of heat networks
  • Review the execution and effectiveness of measures taken to restore the state of thermal insulation

The video shows an example of working with thermograms